Before taking my mom to Sacred Ground I wasn’t really sure what hospice care would be life. After our experience with Sacred Ground I now know that hospice care means peace and such tremendous comfort. This place lives up to its name. It truly is sacred ground. We experienced the love of Jesus in so many ways as we spent my mom’s last 4 days here on this earth with her in this very special place. We watched staff members care for my mom with tenderness and love. They extended that same love to us as we watched her transition into the arms of Jesus. I would highly recommend Sacred Ground to anyone in need of hospice care.

April 2022

Wendy Kuhn

Our family spent the last days of my mothers life at Sacred Ground Hospice House. The genuine love, care, and concern from the staff members was a daily gift. Sacred Ground has several rooms that offered quiet spaces for the family when needed. Very thankful for this precious, anointed place that authentically reflects the love of Christ.

April 2022

Robin Beebe

This was a wonderful place for my father to receive hospice care. I could not believe the comfort we found within the walls of Sacred Ground. The peace we felt during his time there is difficult to describe. The staff is absolutely wonderful. I would recommend Sacred Ground to anyone in need.

April 2022

Tracy Lobertini

All I can say you feel at home and the love of God is every where.


Lyn Jones

Thank you for the care you gave my brother, James, during his transition to God’s loving eternal peace.



So pleased this much needed facility has come to offer so much comfort to those in need.


Vernon and Sharon

Thank you for your care and compassion shown to my Aunt Lucille during her hospice care. Thank you for going out of your way to make me feel comfortable during each visit to my Aunt. I appreciated so much all of the staff.

February 2022

Joyce Overton

I want to thank each and everyone we had the pleasure to meet while my brother, Bob, was in your care. We appreciate all you did for us. Also for taking your time to talk and laugh with us. It was a blessing to be there. May God bless each and everyone of you.

February 2022

Vickie Walker

Thank you for all of the wonderful things you do for grieving families. I have visited your facility and will bring my own mother there when the time is right.


Pamela Reddock

I want to thank you for the care and love that Janet received during her time at Sacred Ground. What I witnessed was the hands and feet of Christ and what I felt was the heart of Christ caring for Janet. I thank you for your ministry.

Robbie Franklin

In memory of Janet Franklin

Thank you for your beautiful care of her in her final days! It was a blessing to be at Sacred Ground. Thank you.

Kathy Tipton

Thank you all for the loving care you gave my husband, James “Jim” Waddell. I can never say enough to show my appreciation for all of you.

February 2022

Brenda Waddell

Thank you for what you do to make those last days and moments so peaceful for those who are on their journey home! You are a blessing.

February 2022

Judy and Rob Stooksbury

I am from New York State and my father lived in Knoxville. He was in the hospital for 4 days and it was decided he needed to go to hospice for his final days. I cannot say enough great things about this facility. It is staffed with such compassionate people and is the state of the art facility. Very impressed in the short amount of time he was there, 5 days, the staff had bonded with him and were going out of their way to ensure he was well cared for and comfortable. Excellent communication! I only wish there was this exact facility in Saratoga, New York.

February 2022

Trent J Russell

I had the privilege of visiting your facility two times in recent weeks to spend time with Paul and was very impressed with your facilities and staff.

Thank you for the great care provided to Paul during the brief time with you. I also know how grateful he was by the care he received.

December 2021

Ken Arthur

I visited Aunt Eva on Sunday, December 5. She seemed at peace and was thoughtfully positioned in a warm, comfortable bed. Her room and the entire facility are so peaceful, clean, and loving. I have been in the healthcare business for over 50 years as a registered nurse and hospital administrator. Your facility is exceptional and I thank you very much for your ministry and care of people and their families.

December 2021

Jan Eastman

My Mother was there 5 days and the care she received was amazing. The compassionate and caring staff took excellent care of her during her last few days. That care allowed me to be there for my Mom instead of being stressed out as her caregiver during her final days. Sacred Ground is such a wonderful facility, the love and respect shown to her and my family was such a blessing during such a difficult time. True Angels at Sacred Ground, thank you for all you did for her!

November 2021

Debra Sanders

After 4 months of Hospice Care at home, my sister began to get agitated  and unable to rest comfortably in her bed, no matter how hard we tried. I prayed for The Lord to lead us to the right care for her. He provided in the form of Sacred Ground Hospice House. The new facility had only been open two weeks, and I felt like they were there just for us! The staff was truly caring and dependable; there  was such comfort in being able to leave her and know that capable folks would be with her all night and day.  However, it was also comforting to know that we were allowed to stay with her all night and day if we chose (which we did for the last few days of her life).
There is no other place in Knoxville like Sacred Ground (I wonder if there’s another place like it in the whole world?!) it was truly a God send for us.
I’d also like to comment on the facility itself. It’s beautiful and offers great rooms and areas where families can gather and be comfortable together- which was a very important part of this process, especially at the end.
Thank God for Sacred Ground!
Mick Doane 11/12/21

Mick Doane

My husband, Bill, was in Sacred Ground for 8 days during October 2021.  He had been battling a very rare form of cancer for 18 months and, as his fight was coming to an end, I wanted a peaceful and comfortable environment for him to spend his last days.  Sacred Ground Hospice House fulfilled our needs in every way.  The facility is warm, inviting, and physically beautiful.  Each room is large and beautifully decorated with a large bathroom, comfortable couch, and table/chairs for visiting family members.  The best part of Sacred Ground is the excellent staff.  Each and every staff member was caring and compassionate to my husband, me, and our family. The care he received was exceptional, and he was always peaceful and pain free which allowed me to focus solely on quality time with him.  I feel Knoxville has been blessed with a hospice facility like Sacred Ground and I highly recommend it to any family in need of hospice care.

November 2021

Linda Vekasi

My sister-in-law Carolyn Koontz was a resident of  Sacred Ground Hospice for her last days.  We could not ask for better love and care given to Carolyn and her family.  Would  highly recommend this care to any family needing these services.  The staff at Sacred Ground was amazing and the facility is beautiful!  Carolyn’s boys stayed around the clock with her and was there when she took her last breath.  Thank you Sacred Ground Hospice House.

November 2021

Janice McCroskey

I can’t say enough about this place.  Sacred Ground was absolutely incredible for the end of my Dad’s life.  Decisions had to be made rather quickly and I honestly don’t know what we would have done without them!  Sadly when he left the hospital he was there less than 48 hours.  During this short time they were very supportive and treated him with such dignity.  The staff is wonderful and so caring and the facilities are amazing.  We have since had another family member there, and again we can’t say enough about this special place!  The name is perfect, it is truly Sacred Ground!!!

November 2021

Brian Chadwick

My Uncle Paul spent his last month at Sacred Ground.  This place was a Godsend to him and our whole family. My Uncle actually perked up for a little while while he was there. I think in part because it was such a nice place and everyone was so caring and friendly.   He said he could not have asked for a better place to be and he had met a lot of friends there.  He also had a bird house/feeder outside his window and he loved watching the birds. The staff was so loving and caring to my Uncle Paul.  He was such a wonderful person and I am so glad we found this place for him to spend his final days. Our family will never forget the wonderful care and compassion he received while there.

November 2021

Brenda Duncan

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