After 4 months of Hospice Care at home, my sister began to get agitated  and unable to rest comfortably in her bed, no matter how hard we tried. I prayed for The Lord to lead us to the right care for her. He provided in the form of Sacred Ground Hospice House. The new facility had only been open two weeks, and I felt like they were there just for us! The staff was truly caring and dependable; there  was such comfort in being able to leave her and know that capable folks would be with her all night and day.  However, it was also comforting to know that we were allowed to stay with her all night and day if we chose (which we did for the last few days of her life).
There is no other place in Knoxville like Sacred Ground (I wonder if there’s another place like it in the whole world?!) it was truly a God send for us.
I’d also like to comment on the facility itself. It’s beautiful and offers great rooms and areas where families can gather and be comfortable together- which was a very important part of this process, especially at the end.
Thank God for Sacred Ground!
Mick Doane 11/12/21